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Our Company

Aceites Oro de Cánava was created in 1976 thanks to the enthusiasm of 75 partners and their commitment to produce and deliver a high-quality oil to consumers. Today, more than 30 years later, our values remain intact, but the techniques have been perfected to optimize the processes.

For that reason, in 2005 we inaugurated the new facilities that have the best resources on the market to offer a guarantee of quality backed by both rigorous internal controls and those made by the Sierra Mágina’s Designation of Origin of which we are members.

The business adventure started in 1976 is for us a philosophy of life, sustained not only in bringing to the consumer the best of our land but also in divulging, promoting and fostering the excellence of a product very unknown in its essence as a healthy product.



At Oro de Cánava we post on a vision referring to an Extra Virgin of the highest quality and excellence certified under the denomination of origin "Sierra Mágina" who constantly cares about a social responsibility in her daily work and equitable work with her shareholder and clients. Offer the best EVOO in the world, committed to society.

We work together with our shareholder and partners to obtain the excellent and tasteful "Oro de Cánava" that our client wishes to have a firm commitment to the health of the family, sports and young people with a social responsibility towards the environment.