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The elaboration process of our oil begins in the own olive groves of the Cooperative’s associates, who separate the olive of the tree from that of the ground, managing to select the fruit from the beginning with the purpose of obtaining an oil that has been recognized, in several occasions, as one of the best of the Picual variety thanks to its organoleptic features.

The olive that is milled in our oil mill comes from the region of Sierra Mágina, region located to the northeast of the province of Jaén and declared a Natural Park. The olive groves that make up this area are plants of good vitality and great foliar development. In some cases, given that the altitude surpassed by the olive trees is 1,000 meters, they can be considered mostly mountainous. All of them are privileged by the microclimate in this region.

The season begins when the fruit reaches its optimum degree of ripeness, normally during the month of November. The olive, once collected from the tree (it is never mixed with that of the ground) is moved to the oil mill, where it undergoes a perfect cleaning; first separating it from the leaves and stems that could bring and then, if necessary, by bathing it in clean water from the spring of Cánava, from where our oil takes its name.

Later, there is the milling of the olive for the hammer mill system, in order to break all the cells that contain the oil inside the fruit, the dough and the dough where a compact and homogeneous mass is obtained.

This mass, using the two-phase system is subjected to centrifugation to separate the oily must (oil) from the rest of the components. This must, and always with a maximum temperature of 22 degrees C, is washed to eliminate the possible impurities it contains. Once this process has finished, the oil (after selecting the degree of acidity and organoleptic characteristics) is transferred to the cellar tanks.

The oil, already in the cellar, will remain for a while to mature. The constant temperature of the cellar helps our oil to become, finally, one of the best natural products for food, from the heart of Sierra Mágina