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  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Oro de Cánava

    Welcome to Aceites Oro de Cánava. Our oil mill, founded in 1976, combines the traditional care in the harvest and a proper selection of the fruit with the strictest quality tests, certified by the Regulatory Council of Sierra Mágina’s Designation of Origin. As a result, we have succeeded in obtaining ‘‘Oro de Cánava’’ extra virgin olive oil.


    Early Harvest EVOO

    250 ML, 500 ML

  • The origin of Oro de Cánava

    Oro de Cánava

    Our olive oil has many features, which make it worthy of these distinctions: "Intense fruity smell of green olives, great complexity between green scents and nuts: mint, tomato and banana skin with ripe nuances of almond, fig and apple. Clean, scented taste, in harmony with light bitterness and progressive spiciness.

    Cristal Bottle Oro de Cánava

    Cristal EVOO

    250 ML, 500 ML, 750 ML

  • Top qualities

    Oro de Cánava

    In recent years, the ‘‘Early Harvest’’ extra virgin olive oil selection has been awarded with recognized prizes, among which stand out: ‘‘Premio Alimentos de España’’ (Spanish Foods Award), ‘‘Premio a la Calidad Mario Solinas’’ (Mario Solinas Quality Award), ‘‘Jaén Selección’’ (Jaén Selection) and ‘‘Premio Alcuza’’ (Alcuza Award).

    1L Pet Oro de Cánava

    EVOO Pet

    1L, 2L, 5L

  • Elaboration of our oil

    Oro de Cánava

    For hundreds of years, the privilege of water and mild weather have managed to enrich this land by growing olive trees, which in turn have given us the greatest of our treasures: olive oil.

    Oro de Cánava Olive Oil Can

    EVOO Can


Unique flavor. Unrivaled quality
An experience for your senses.

  • Prize from the Diputación Provincial de Jaén to the best extra virgin olive oils from Jaén
  • Expoliva Oil Award
  • Iberoleum 2018 Guide
  • Prize Alcuza 2017
  • Prize Health & Delight


  • Prize from the Diputación Provincial de Jaén (Provincial Council of Jaén) to the best extra virgin olive oils from Jaén in 2018

  • Finalists in EXPOLIVA 2017 in its 10th "GRAN PICUAL" EVOO PRIZE

  • TOP 10 Iberoleum Guide 2018 to the best olive oils in Spain

  • MEZQUITA DE ORO award to the best EVOO in "Green Fruits" granted by the Aula del Olivo de Córdoba.

  • Alcuza 2017 award to the best extra virgin olive oil from Sierra Mágina’s Designation of Origin.

  • Honorable Mention in the "Health & Delight" award for the best healthy oil.

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Oro de Cánava